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The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples – Wishing Well Wording Ideas

In today’s post I am going to show you The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples that I have come across since starting my wedding stationery business several years ago.

I have seen all kinds of wording, layouts and poems when it comes to Wishing Wells, and today I am going to share only my absolute top picks.

Finding the right Wishing Well wording can be the final touch that brings your invitation set together. On the contrary, there is nothing worse than sending off your beautifully designed invites, but feeling unsettled about the wording inside.

By the way, did you know today’s post comes with a Free Printable Wishing Well Sign for you to enjoy?

The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples

Despite how wonderful I think Wishing Wells are, you may find it tricky to hone in on the right wording for yours. So, behold, out of all the wishing well wording examples I have come across these are my top 3!

Wishing Well Wording Example 1

Our two families have come together as one.
We really hope you can join in the fun!
A wishing well we thought would be great,
but only if you wish to participate.
Place a gift of money in the well,
then make a special wish, but do not tell!
Please do not be offended by our request,
as our day is complete having you as a guest.


Wishing Well Wording Example 2

We’ve collected most things over the years
from household appliances to holiday souvenirs

With everyone traveling from so afar
it might be hard fitting presents in the car

Our only wish is to see you on the day
celebrating in your own special way

But if you still wish to give a gift
Our honeymoon fund would appreciate a little lift


Wishing Well Wording Example 3

On the road to married life
we’ve collected many things to be husband and wife.

The honeymoon however, is another thing;
we had to choose between it and the wedding rings.

A donation to our wishing well would be appreciated in every way
as it will help to send us on a romantic holiday.

Wishing Well Wording Examples

 Wishing Well Wording Example 4

If finding a gift is hard to do

our wishing well is just for you!

A gift of money is placed in the well,

then make a wish but do not tell!

If it is however a gift you find,

please feel assured we will not mind.


Wishing Well Wording Example 5

Our household thoughts are not brand new,

We have twice the things we need for two.

Since we have our share of dishes and bedding,

We’re having instead a wishing well wedding.

But more important we ask of you,

your love and presence on our wedding day too!


Wishing Well Wording Example 6

If you were thinking of giving a gift,

to help us on our way

a gift of cash towards our house,

would really make our day.

However if you prefer to purchase a gift,

feel free to surprise us in your own way!


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Why does your Wishing Well Wording Matter?

Finding the right wording for your Wishing Well will:

  • Make you feel comfortable when your guests read it
  • Give your guests clarity about what kind of wedding gift will be appropriate (or appreciated)
  • Avoid any awkwardness or uncertainty among guests
  • Fit in with the rest of your wedding invitations and create a sense of flow


Why should you even have Wishing Well Cards?

There are a few benefits! Have you considered the following?

  • They eliminate the chance of duplicating gifts
  • Gift registries are the typical alternative but they can lock guests into purchasing from a particular store or brand
  • Wishing Wells enable guests to decide on their own budget, without being locked into a particular item or brand that will dictate the budget
  • They are more practical than having lots of gift boxes and large presents on the wedding day
  • My favourite point – they give you the choice of what to get
  • It’sok to ask for what you really need – your guests don’t want to give you something you don’t need or want

For these reasons, I truly believe that it’s worth getting a Wishing Well for your wedding day, and including Wishing Well Cards with your invitations.


Wishing Well Wording Examples

Why A Wishing Well Anyway?

The tradition of Wishing Wells is steeped in history and has always been a sign of good luck, granting wishes when coins were tossed into the well. Adding a Wishing Well into the wording of your wedding invitation has now become an established tradition, giving your guests the opportunity to wish you a wonderful marriage as well as good luck and prosperity. Therefore Wishing Wells are not only common now, but have become quite a tradition when it comes to weddings.

A lot of couples feel awkward asking their guests for money, however you don’t need to feel uncomfortable adding Wishing Well wording to your invitations – most guests are delighted to have the worry of choosing an item taken off their hands, especially when they know that cash will give you the added gift of choice! So you can breathe a sign of relief; you don’t need to be afraid to add wishing well wording to your invitations or on a separate card!




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The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples - Wishing Well Wording Ideas

The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples - Wishing Well Wording Ideas
The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples - Wishing Well Wording Ideas
The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples - Wishing Well Wording Ideas
The 6 Best Wishing Well Wording Examples - Wishing Well Wording Ideas









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