why buy local support your local economy why buy australian businesses sail and swan blog article

Why Buy Local?

Why buy local? It’s a good question, especially because everything overseas seems to be so cheap. I know that’s hard for me to resist a good bargain when I see one, whether it’s local or not. Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient so why bother to seek out local businesses when you can access the world from your lounge room? I’ve come up with a simple list of some benefits to buying locally made items:

Why Buy Local?

  • Local produce is fresher and tastes better than frozen imports
  • Buying local can often enable you to see the product in person, and see it’s quality for yourself
  • You can receive great advice and customer service by talking to someone in person
  • Buying locally produced goods helps to decrease the need for transportation
  • Reducing transportation benefits the environment in the long run
  • Buying local supports local businesses and their families
  • Supporting local families in turn helps to support and build the local community
  • Supporting local businesses helps them to bring on more employees, creating new and more jobs in your local area
  • By keeping your local economy strong, you are helping to secure jobs for your kids and future generations

My friend Liz posted her thoughts on Facebook and I thought she articulated it so well:

“As the wife and daughter of small business owners, I battle my clearance addiction to get things at amazing prices at the big brand stores vs. spending that bit extra to buy things handmade or locally. This girl stockpiles and this girl loves a great deal – BUT everyday, I’m realizing more and more just how important it is to support your local businesses instead. Does it cost more? Upfront – usually. Long term? No way, because the quality makes it last. Its important to know your product was ethically made (and most of the time out of passion!) and your money goes back to hardworking people and their families

From my market fruit & veggies grown in the hills, meat from the local butcher, these amazing From Zion bamboo pants (I’m never taking off) and the clock art piece illustrated by Sail and Swan and put together by Nathan – it all makes me proud to support local and handmade.”

why buy local support your local economy why buy australian businesses sail and swan blog article

Here is a list of some amazing Australian products that you can check out:

Beautiful Art Prints and Illustration from Sweet William

High Quality and beautiful skin products from Go-To Skincare

Handmade clothes from Frock Me Out

Hand Painted Hand Bags and Clutches from Tiff Manuell

Australian Made Timber Furniture from Mark Tuckey

Vibrant and Stunning Artworks from Jessie Breakwell

Unique Homewares from Fenton & Fenton

Party Goods from Poppies for Grace

Journals and Organizers from Kikki K

Dog Accessories from Oh Jaffa!


why buy local support your local economy why buy australian businesses sail and swan blog article


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