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Wedding Trends for 2017

With so much happening in the world of weddings, it’s hard to keep track current trends and what new trends are on the rise. If you are not sure what wedding trends for 2017 are currently popular or what’s on the rise, I’ve collected a short list here:


While it’s not a new trend, it’s worth mentioning that Metallic Foil printing is still hugely in demand. Foiling is a versatile look that can compliment almost any wedding theme or colour scheme, and has a stylish high end look to it that is almost unbeatable with any other material or finish!

Pink and Green

Pink and Green have been tipped in to be an upcoming trend. Not only are these two colours complementary colours, but green has been named as Pantone’s Colour of the Year (officially called ‘Greenery’) which is partly why this trend has come about. These two pretty colours not only pair up well, but can be a great fit for a Spring or garden wedding.

Mixing it Up

According to Bridal Guide, mixing your styling up a bit is the new movement. Few brides want their tables to look “too perfectly organized” says Amy Marella, owner of the hidden garden Floral Design in Los Angeles. “They want a more eclectic feel,” she says. Eclectic, edgy, anything goes! You can create the look by using a mix of containers for your candles and flowers, and featuring two or three different centerpiece designs. It’s about focusing on the small details, and then seeing how they all fit together in the bigger picture. Different flowers, rugs and furniture can also be used to help you achieve an eclectic feel.

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Wedding Trends for 2017 eclectic bohemian nautical weddign deocr wedding blog sail and swan


Greys, blue-greys and brown-greys are another up and coming trend for 2017. These colours have a soft, calming effect but an also be paired up with more colourful options to help tone down the overall look. The beauty of neutrals is that they can be paired up with almost any other colour. One their own, they are stylish and understated. So either way, they work really well!

Marble and Terrazzo

These beautiful surfaces have a high end look to them, and they have been present in the homewares and graphic design industries for quite a while now. They suit invitations perfectly with their sophisticated but also simple look, and a great combination with metallic foil printing. This trend here to stay for a while yet, with many brides loving the stylishness and versatility of these surfaces.

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Wedding Trends for 2017 terrazzo marble white sail and swan

Destination Weddings

More and more, destination weddings are one the rise. Couples are opting for full weekend, or even week long, weddings where their friends and family can join them for a truly unique experience. Popular destinations (for Australia Brides) include Italy, Las Vegas, Canada, New Zealand and Fiji and Bali.

Vertical Impact

According to “When it comes to wedding decor, couples are looking up for inspiration. They are taking advantage of the vertical visual space above guest tables and highlighting it with a number of options. Expect to see tall tapers paired with luxurious candelabras, low-hanging string lights or Edison bulbs and chandeliers in a variety of shapes and sizes in 2017.” —Audrey Isaac, 100 Candles

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Wedding Trends for 2017 vertical garden classy wedding reception plants garden sail and swan

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