Tropical Desktop Background

Tropical Desktop Background

Happy June everyone! This month’s treat is a Tropical Desktop Background! It features a lush tropical forest background, and white brush script writing (the quote I thought was appropriate for this month since I’ve had so many changes at Sail and Swan).

“Any change holds opportunity.” – Daniel Eggers

Simply click here to download it and enjoy.

Not only did I move house in the last month but I have also found a new home for Sail and Swan at the Stretton Centre. I moved my home and office two weeks apart from each other, and it has been a fun but slightly stressful time! Although I don’t have a retail space at the Stretton (sorry brides, I know you’re keen!) I have gained the prefect office space that I need to help me grow my business. And the best thing about my new work place is the amazing people around me. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas around with other like minded people, network, collaborate and be part of a great team culture. While change and new experiences can be scary or challenging, I choose to embrace them. Every change is an opportunity; a chance to spark something new, grow, not become stale, move forward, and learn.



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