Tips for Staying Happy

Tips for Staying Happy

tips for staying happy lifestyle blog happiness inspiration sail and swan

Recently I wrote about finding a good balance in life and looking after yourself, but I thought it would be good to go a tiny bit more in depth in one of those points – happiness – and share some tips for staying happy.

For many, happiness is a fleeting feeling, never lasting long when it comes. And somehow, often the more we seem to chase after it, the more it runs away from us. So my tips for staying happy are not based on chasing it or trying to make it happen. Let’s face it – sometimes life can throw unexpected or less than ideal situations our way. In those moments we have a choice. Will we let them rob us of our happiness, or, will focus on something else instead?

This is my key to staying happy. My focus. When I focus on myself, I end up worrying about my own problems, thinking about the challenges I’m facing, and it can all get very negative very quickly. So instead, I choose to focus on something else. Something that is meaningful and powerful to me. Like things that I’m grateful for. Friends who mean a lot to me. Or things that I want to accomplish in the future. Things that I simply enjoy in life.

What I’ve found to be most helpful is to make lists of the things that make me happy or things that I’m grateful for, and then focus on them that entire day. I suggest trying this the next time you’re feeling down, and here are a few things to help get your list started…tips for staying happy lifestyle blog happiness inspiration sail and swan

I’m grateful for:

  1. My amazing job
  2. Being creative everyday
  3. My caring husband Matt
  4. My wonderful family and friends
  5. Friday night movies and wine
  6. Friday night hangs with two beautiful friends Will and Kelly
  7. The lovely house that I live in
  8. The beautiful creek and trees near my house
  9. Heart to hearts with my cousin Emma
  10. Pretty sunsets
  11. Warm weather


tips for staying happy lifestyle blog happiness inspiration sail and swan



Things I like/that make me happy:

  1. Sunshine
  2. The scent of rain right before it falls
  3. Good music
  4. Sleep ins
  5. Going out to breakfast
  6. A finished to-do list
  7. Falling in love with something (or someone)
  8. Summer
  9.  A peaceful early morning
  10.  A glass of wine at the end of the week
  11. A brand new book
  12. Getting dressed up
  13. Watching a good movie

Some day I would like to:

  1. Travel to Iceland and New Zealand (again)
  2. Own a dog
  3. Have time to paint my own artworks and hold an exhibition
  4. Own my own business premises
  5. Launch an organizational stationery range

If you can focus on these kinds of things and think positive thoughts (especially your goals for the future), you will truly transform your day. And, if you can take it a step further and form this into a regular habit, you will truly transform your life. I can say that with confidence because I’ve done it myself and I truly feel like a different person! I hope these tips for staying happy help you to turnaround any situation you find yourself in. And here’s something else to help you kick start some positive thoughts. Enjoy!


tips for staying happy lifestyle blog happiness inspiration sail and swan


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