How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding Rose Gold Wedding Ideas

Rose Gold Wedding Ideas – How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding

In today’s post I am looking at How to Style A Rose Gold Wedding. If you are in love with this beautiful metallic colour, then you will walk away with some amazing ideas for your wedding day, and some sound styling advice on how to pull it off! Knowing how to style a rose gold wedding is honestly not as hard as you may think. By the way, if you want to learn about how professionals style and decorate, I actually wrote an in-depth article about it here that you may want to check out as this will take your styling to the next level. If you want to learn even more, I’ve discussed the pros and cons of rose gold invitations here.

Knowing how to pull off a ‘style’ or theme for your wedding day is the base on which you will create a beautiful wedding with visual impact.

Having a set style or theme for your wedding day it is the one factor that will tie everything in together.

Having said that, creating a theme or a style isn’t as easy as it looks. A lot of Brides know what style they want, but have trouble knowing where to start and how to achieve the look they have in mind. So in today’s post, I’m explaining from top to bottom how to style a rose gold wedding.

Well firstly, why is it so important to have a theme or style for the day? Here’s what a theme can do for your wedding:

  • Creates a consistency and focus for your wedding day
  • Reflects your personality and taste as a couple
  • Shapes the overall atmosphere and ‘feel’ on the wedding day
  • Helps you plan the wedding quicker and more effectively
  • Makes a stronger visual impact than not having any set theme
  • Can be resold after the wedding to other brides or friends who may want the same look


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A Rose Gold theme in particular, has some benefits too:

  • It is chic and luxe in appearance
  • Consequently Rose Gold has an elegant and stylish feel
  • It will make your wedding appear more expensive than it really is
  • Rose Gold is more unique colour than classic metals like silver or gold
  • It has more of a feminine feel than other metallics
  • Rose Gold can be paired up with other colours like pink, purple, green, blue, navy and pastels to name a few.

For these reasons I’d strongly recommend a rose gold theme if you are wanting to achieve a stylish and elegant look for your wedding.

So where do you begin when you know what style you want? Here are 10 helpful steps

1.Use a Mood board

Have you ever heard of a mood board? A Mood Board is basically a collage of photos that show the look and feel of your theme. It is a snapshot of what you want your wedding to look like.

Here is an example of a Rose Gold Mood Board from Majestic Weddings:

How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding Rose Gold Wedding Ideas


Mood boards are incredibly useful because they are a visual guide to help you achieve your look. You can make your own (I’d recommend checking out some Rose Gold images on Pinterest) or you can find ready made Mood Boards. If you’re going to use a ready made one, just make sure it is definitely the right fit – some are more luxe than others, some feature glitter and sequins etc so just make sure it is the exact look your are going for.

For every item that you are thinking of buying for your wedding, ask yourself if it fits in with your Mood Board:

  • Does it suit the overall look?
  • Do the colours match?
  • Is this item the best fit, or can I find something else that fits in better?

2. Make a plan before you start shopping

It sounds simple but trust me, you will want to plan out everything beforehand to save you hassle or mistakes later on. Think of your Plan as one huge shopping list. It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of your wedding and start shopping right away, but planning ahead will save you overspending, forgetting items, doubling up on unnecessary items and wasting time.

As part of your Plan, consider each area for your wedding day:

  • Ceremony
    • Entrance/Welcome Sign
    • Isle
    • Chairs
    • Backdrop
    • Flowers
    • Any decorations needed for the above items
  • After Ceremony
    • Will there be an area for guests to socialize following the ceremony?
    • Will there be lawn games?
    • An afternoon tea?
    • Canapes?
    • Is any signage needed?
    • Any decorations, flowers, or furniture needed for the above
  • Reception
    • Entrance/Welcome Sign
    • Chairs
    • Tables
    • Table linen
    • Table Centrepieces and/or decor
    • Cutlery and plates
    • General Decorations and flowers
    • Backdrops or wall decorations
    • Ceiling decorations if needed
    • Wedding Cake
    • Gift Table and/or Wishing Well
    • Candy Buffet if applicable
  • Any Other Areas, Entrances, Hallways etc

Thoroughly plan out each of these areas and what decorations you will need to source. Keep an open mind when it comes to the decorations as well – there are all kinds of items that you can source: candle holders, lanterns, vases, mirrors, frames etc. There is no limit on what type of decorations you can use but for a Rose Gold theme here are tips I’d recommend:

  • Use the similar decorations throughout your wedding in order to create a consistent look
  • Keep the finish of Rose Gold as consistent as possible. For example, some rose gold items come with a highly reflective metallic finish, while others come with a matte rose gold finish. Some items will have glitter or sequins, others will just be a solid colour.


How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding Rose Gold Wedding Ideas


3. Don’t forget your attire

To complete your theme, you will also want to think about your attire and how you can make it match. Include this as part of your Plan so that you know what you have in mind before you go shopping.

  • Bride and Bridesmaids
    • Wedding Dress
    • Wedding Shoes
    • Bridesmaid Dresses
    • Bridesmaid Shoes
    • Jewelry
    • Nail colour
    • Hair pieces
    • Make Up
  • Groom and Groomsmen
    • Suits
    • Shirts
    • Vests
    • Ties/Bow ties
    • Cuff links
    • Shoes
    • Belts


4. Stay consistent

Once you have your plan, it’s important to stay consistent. Consistency is the foundation for your theme.

This is the one thing that will hold it all together and make your theme strong.

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this step; professional stylists are disciplined and stay consistent to their theme, thus making it a strong theme and visually a stand-out. Amateurs tend to get carried away and over-complicate or deviate from their theme. Consequently you can tell when a theme hasn’t been styled properly; it tends to look like a mishmash of ideas.

Therefore, choose your theme and colours wisely and don’t deviate from them down the track.


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5. Don’t Settle

Staying consistent can get really hard if you can’t find what you are looking for. The temptation will be to settle and choose a less-than-ideal item that doesn’t quite fit the bill. There is an alternative and this is what I would recommend; if you can’t make it work, scrap the idea and replace it with something else. It is far better to have a simple idea that matches your theme, than an amazing idea that doesn’t quite match the overall look.

So the moral of the story is: say no to items that aren’t a perfect fit for your theme.


6. Get Creative

Consider getting creative if you can’t find what you are looking for. Think outside the box and use items in ways they aren’t usually used. Or go DIY to create the perfect item or colour. For example, if you can’t find any vases in the right colour, then why not transform them with some rose gold spray paint? This will also ensure consistency for your rose gold colour on all the items that have been sprayed. You can spray almost anything – chairs, lanterns, candle holders etc. This example below is from Style Me Pretty:


How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding Rose Gold Wedding Ideas

7. Give yourself enough time

Time frame is important depending on where you are sourcing your items from. If you are purchasing items from overseas then you will need to give yourself extra time and allow for the shipping.

It is also much harder to stay consistent with your theme if you don’t have enough time to shop around and plan your ideas thoroughly.


It’s really that simple

That’s it. Yes, it is really that simple! So in conclusion, if you put these steps into practice you will create a really strong look and know how to style a rose gold wedding:

  1. Use a Mood Board
  2. Make a Plan Before Shopping
  3. Remember your Attire
  4. Stay Consistent
  5. Don’t Settle
  6. Get Creative
  7. Give Yourself Enough Time

Aaaand….Here is one last handy resource for you! I’ve put together a list of places where I look for decorations myself (note to all international readers: some of these stores are Australian).


My Wedding Decor – Unique items with the option to hire or buy

Wedding Star – Unique decor ideas and lots of wedding favours to choose from

Pink Frosting – Some of their items a bit generic, but there are some really good finds in the mix too

Ikea –  Great for simple candles, lanterns and candle holders.

Kmart – Have a really good range of rose gold items in their homewares section

Ned’s – Particularly good for party items like coloured straws, streamers, candy buffet items

Gumtree – Great finds at a low price of you are on a tight budget – look for brides selling used wedding decor

Ebay – Make sure to allow enough time if ordering items from overseas, and also to check the quality of the items

Amazon – Amazon are expanding their wedding section so it’s worth having a look. Just make sure bulky items can be shipped to Australia, as not all of them ship world wide.

Wholesale Wedding Superstore – For wholesale orders you may need an ABN or wholesale account. Check ahead of time.

Holstens – Great in person if you live in Adelaide, but for wholesale orders you may need an ABN or wholesale account. Check ahead of time.


Got questions? Leave a comment! Let’s chat.


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Rose Gold Wedding Ideas - How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding

Rose Gold Wedding Ideas - How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding
Rose Gold Wedding Ideas - How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding
Rose Gold Wedding Ideas - How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding
Rose Gold Wedding Ideas - How to Style a Rose Gold Wedding







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