How to Make your Etsy Products Sell

How to Make your Etsy Products Sell

Do you have an Etsy shop or want to start one? I came across this interview between Alicia Shaffer of Three Bird Nest and Kelsey Humphreys on how to make your Etsy products sell, and it was a big eye-opener. If you run an Etsy shop or are thinking about starting one, then this is for you.


Be Relentless

This is the one thing from the interview that stood out to me. Alicia said that you have to be relentless in selling your product. “If you think you can put an item on Etsy and then sit and back and watch it sell – good luck! It won’t sell.” According to Shaffer, listing your item is only the first step. Many people think it’s the last step and wait for sales to come flying through the door, but work begins once you list a product in your shop. You need to list it, and then be relentless in getting it out there and found. Don’t stop until it sells. 

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Find Ways Within Etsy to Stand Out

Another tip from Shaffer is to make sure your shop looks different to other shops who sell similar product to you. Alicia searched other shops with similar items and intentionally made her photos different to theirs. She didn’t try blend in or do what everyone was doing, but rather she recognised that it’s important to have your own distinct and recognisable style. She wanted to be able to scroll through the photos on Etsy, and for her shop to stand out from all the others. If you want to learn about this, Etsy have written a great article on how to position yourself on their platform and market yourself to your customers.

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Be Open Minded

If a product isn’t working, then change it. Rework the photos, use a different background, or try some different poses. Change your descriptions, try everything you can and don’t give up until you find what works.


Build a Brand

Build such a beautiful and amazing brand that your customers will become brand advocates for you. Design it beautifully, package it beautifully. Make something remarkable that people will talk about to their friends. Alicia touched on this briefly, but branding is a huge topic. Here is a great link to get you thinking more about your branding.


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