How to Get Into Your Creative Zone

How to Get Into Your Creative Zone

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Knowing how to get into your creative zone is important because let’s all be honest; sometimes, it can be really hard to be creative on demand and turn the ‘light bulb’ switch on when we do don’t feel like it. If you are professional creative, then you have probably accepted the fact that being creative is a choice you make on daily basis, whether you feel like it or not. Having said that, I have found a few things that just work for me, and really help to keep my creative ideas flowing. When I’m in ‘the zone’, everything feels natural and flows easily. It just feels right. In that moment I feel like I’m in my ‘sweet spot’ and can achieve anything I put my mind to. Everyone is different so you may need to experiment and see how you can best get into your creative zone, but here are some tips that work for me personally.

Set Yourself a Small Goal of What You Would Like to Achieve

First of all, know what you would like to achieve in the time your are putting aside. Sitting around waiting for vague ideas to come probably won’t get you anywhere fast, so write some simple and doable goals for yourself. Maybe you need to come up with 10 ideas for a card range, and start designing 3 of those cards.

Clear Your Mind

Our minds can be so full of clutter and details for the day. So try and focus on just one thing – what you are doing right now. Be in that moment. If you let your mind keep interrupting with all kinds of thoughts, it will become really hard to be creative. I find that writing  a to-do list of everything that’s on my mind helps me feel like I won’t forget about those tasks. Now that they’re written down, I can put them to the side and just focus on what I need to do now.

Leading up to Your Creative Time, Keep a Note Pad on Hand

I’m so forgetful. Something that happened 60 seconds ago is….gone. Forever. Unless I write it down. I actually keep a note pad next to me at my desk at all times now. So when ideas come to me during the day, I simply just write them down. Ideas don’t seem to come when the timing is right, and they don’t always come all at once either. Sometimes, trying to force yourself to come up with 100 ideas all at once in your ‘creative time’ isn’t helpful, because it’s not realistic. For me, on a good run I can come up several really good ideas all at once. But for the most part, they come to me at all different times of the day and I’ve had to learn to write them down as I go. Then, I feel ready and prepared for my creative time and I also feel like I have something to bring to that session. Or if note pads aren’t your thing, try saving notes in your phone or start an ‘inspiration’ board on Pinterest where you can collect ideas and images that make you feel creative.

Make Sure Your Environment Invites Creativity

A noisy, messy, interrupted environment is the perfect way to not get anything done. So clear some space. Tidy up if need be, you’ll feel better and you’ll think better too. Fresh air and sunshine are my two favourite things. I love having lots of natural light, and I need a bit of airflow too. Whatever you naturally seem to enjoy and whatever makes you feel good, seek out those things. Try and bring them into your work when you can.

Get Some Good Music

Find some music that makes you feel good. I usually play songs that have a relaxed feel to them, and are positive and uplifting. Once you get to work you may not be that aware of what music you’re listening to, but it can a big difference at a subconscious level. I find that the right music doesn’t distract me – in fact – it helps me work more efficiently. It also improves my mood.

Water, Coffee and Snacks

For me, there are a few vital things, and caffeine is essential. I am hopeless and totally can’t function without it. So, before I am about to get started with brainstorming ideas, I make sure I’m making myself a fresh cup of coffee. It’s good to keep drinking water too. It will help you feel better, fresher and keeps your brain going. And for me, snacks are essential too. I can almost feel myself fading when I’m hungry or even peckish. I’m a total grazer (or constant snacker) when I’m in my creative zone. Fruit, nuts and chocolate usually do the trick, but also make sure that you have eaten properly that day. Skipping meals or just eating junk food really isn’t going to do you any good.


So there you go, I hope that helps! I know these steps are really simple but if you honestly practice them I swear they make the biggest difference and will help you know how to get into your creative zone.


how to get into your creative zone professional creative writing painting artist sail and swan




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