Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I get as much pleasure out of gift wrapping as I do selecting just the right present for someone – and I’m always on the lookout for gift wrapping ideas. I came across some fun, and did I mention pretty? gift wrapping ideas for Christmas and thought I’d share them with you.

Found on: were gorgeous white paper wrapped gifts, with white ribbon and bold black writing on white tags. So elegant and so simple to make – I can just see them looking perfect under the green of your Christmas tree – I wonder what’s inside?Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas brush script black white sail and swan

Rustic but still glamorous, and in great contrast to the beautiful white gift wrapping ideas, are these twine over black or navy paper wrapped gifts, decorated with stars drawn with a gold marker pen. Of course, the decoration is only limited by your imagination – how about drawing little Christmas trees, angels or snowflakes. I found these gift wrapping ideas on:

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas gold stars pen sail and swanI just loved the clever use of letter beads with a scroll of cinnamon and a sprig of sage on the white paper wrapping and tied with contrasting black and white wool or twin. Tie in some holly or mistletoe instead and have fun. By the way I found this selection of gift wrapping ideas from:

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas sail and swanThe last idea I’m going to share with you from my search on the internet for gift wrapping ideas comes from: and it could be my favourite – probably because it is a great idea for any type of gift giving and looks like fun to do.

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas brown kraft paper polka dots sail and swan

Use brown Kraft paper teamed with a pretty ribbon and a spray of flowers, but before you begin wrapping, decorate the paper with the end of a pencil eraser – how clever is this – by dipping it into some white paint and stamping dots on the paper canvas. Again, your imagination is your only limit, as you can simply grab a white paint marker and draw your own patterns.

If I received any of these wrappings around my gifts this year I would be thrilled – beautifully wrapped presents send a message of love and care, but best of all they are such fun to wrap – it’s kind of like giving a gift back to yourself!


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