Geometric Logo Design

Geometric Logo Design – Furry Kid

Your brand is like your signature – unique and easily recognisable – take a look this fabulous, bright geometric logo design for one of our clients, the Furry Kid Grooming Salon.geometric logo design dog bow tie furry kid grooming salon sail and swan branding adelaide australia

Our easy to spot geometric logo design for Furry Kids is cheerful and makes you smile. It also makes you look twice and attracts clients to your business.

Logos, such as our geometric logo design, become an important cog in your marketing wheel, helping you to showcase your business, providing a recognisable focal point for your clients and customers.

Great logos are unique while still providing an image which goes to the heart of what your business is all about. Having a professionally designed logo which reflects your personality is a worthwhile investment in your business future. Want to see more of our designs? Simply click here to view our portfolio.

We often talk about ‘image’ being everything and to a certain extent this is true – image is important, as it shows how serious you are about your business. Engaging a professional designer to create the logo that’s just right for you is as important as picking your accountant, bank or business adviser.

Here at Sail and Swan we are able to provide you with a memorable design which will help you stand out from the crowd. We’ll also make sure your logo is in all the correct formats for a range of uses from banners and shopfronts to business cards. We specialise in branding, logos and stationery for small to medium businesses and are passionate about helping your business achieve its goals.

We believe that great branding can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

We particularly love our geometric logo designs which are modern, vibrant and perfect for sending the right message about your hopes and goals.

Happy to chat over the phone or meet in person to discuss your brief, after which we will develop several concepts and drafts based on our discussions so we can work together to refine your logo design.

Good foundations make for good business!


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