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With so much happening in the world of weddings, it's hard to keep track current trends and what new trends are on the rise. If you are not sure what wedding trends for 2017 are currently popular or what's on the rise, I've collected a short list here: Metallics/Foiling While it's not

Over the last few years I've noticed a huge trend in brides asking our studio for foil invitations. Gold foil, and rose gold foil in particular, have become really popular. So what is foil stamping, and why is it so popular? What is Foil Stamping? Foil stamping, or foil application, is a

Why buy local? It's a good question, especially because everything overseas seems to be so cheap. I know that's hard for me to resist a good bargain when I see one, whether it's local or not. Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient so why bother to seek out local

So I listened to this really great interview between Bob Goff and Kelsey Humphreys, founder of the Pursuit, which you see here. Bob has a lot of life experience to share with the world, but for me, a theme of simplicity seemed to come across from what he was saying and

I am SO excited to share this with you. Our little team at Sail and Swan have been working away to create something new, exciting and helpful for you! Behold our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide. This Printable Wedding Organiser was made just for you; the dreamer, the planner and soon

What could be more fun and colourful than a tropical themed party?! Today I have some amazing tropical party ideas for you!! Tropical themed parties work great for spring and summer. Not only can you go crazy with bright and vibrant colours, but there is so much amazing fruit readily

Today I have some Woodland Wedding Inspiration for you to enjoy! Somehow Woodland themes seem to work really in winter. I think it's the ideas of damp moss, soft fog and deep colours. Woodland themes are pretty flexible though. With the right kind of decorations you can pull off a

Today I am featuring some beautiful Marble Wedding Inspiration! Marble has become a huge trend in design, weddings, events and housewares and consequently it is an incredibly versatile material. Because of this, marble inspiration seemed like the perfect idea to get you going on your own wedding planning! By the way,

Today I have some some stunning kids bedroom ideas for you to see! What room is more fun than a kid's bedroom? I can't think of a better excuse to experiment with colours, patterns and fresh ideas! So today's post is celebrating kids bedrooms! Kids are full of energy, life

Woohoo today I have some beautiful Nautical Wedding Ideas and Inspiration to share with you! For some reason I am just obsessed with navy at the moment! It is such a timeless colour and be pulled off in so many different ways. It really does lend itself to nautical themes,

Today I have some Destination Wedding ideas for you to drool over. Destination Weddings can be a really different way of doing things when it comes to your wedding day, and also make for a very memorable experience. Imagine getting married anywhere in the world and the kind of photos

Get ready for some Wedding Dress inspiration today! I've collected some beautiful, and different, ideas for you to see! Your Wedding Dress can be one of the most memorable elements from your wedding day. For some ladies, this is something that has been planned for years. Understandably you want to pick

Today I am dedicating a post to the ever humble but adorable Lemonade Stand, and I have some amazing Wedding Lemonade Stand ideas for you to see! Having refreshments to follow your wedding ceremony is always a nice touch, and depending on the weather, can be a must. So why

Oh boy do I have some beautiful Wedding Cake ideas for you to see today! There are so many different styles and ways that you can get you wedding cake made nowadays, and this collection definitely doesn't show every possibility. But, I have seen a lot around online and this

I'm in love with Boho Home Decor. There's something about the Bohemian look that visually just appeals to me. Maybe it's the relaxed but beautiful vibe it produces, or the freedom in colour you can embrace. Either way, the Boho style can look great in almost any home and is

I've sort of fallen in love with wedding flower crowns lately. My beautiful friend Amy from Bella in Bloom started the whole thing. She makes the most amazing wedding flower crowns and she also runs workshops on how to make them. You can use them for any other occasion as

Before I share some of these Boho Wedding Ideas with you I thought it would be good to ask the question, "What is Bohemian style?" because so many different types of images come up when you search the term online. As far as weddings go, I've always believed that you

Ok ladies, it's not Spring yet but get ready for some amazing wedding bouquets and floral arrangements! I've put together an amazing collection from peonies to tropical plants, soft pastels to bright orange colours! For more ideas and inspiration you can see the Sail and Swan Wedding Bouquets Pinterest Board

Today I wanted to share some beautiful work space ideas with you. Planning (or improving) your office can sometimes be challenging. Not only does the space need to be practical and functional, but it can be hard to know what to do when you see your office everyday and it

Get your party hats on because today I am showcasing some very cute and creative kids birthday party ideas! To me, the best ideas for a kids birthday party are the ones that are simple and can be an easy do-it-yourself job. Often this is where you can be the

For those of you who love outdoor weddings, you are in for a treat because I have some Garden Wedding Inspiration to share with you today! Inspired by greenery, nature and the beautiful outdoors, a garden wedding makes for a memorable wedding day! Not only do they lend themselves to

Happy June everyone! This month's treat is a Tropical Desktop Background! It features a lush tropical forest background, and white brush script writing (the quote I thought was appropriate for this month since I've had so many changes at Sail and Swan). "Any change holds opportunity." - Daniel Eggers Simply click here

Lately I have been obsessed with country weddings, and thought why not share some country wedding inspiration with you! The thing I love about country weddings is that they are so versatile. You can go a full traditional and typical 'country' kind of look, but you can also go with

Recently I wrote about finding a good balance in life and looking after yourself, but I thought it would be good to go a tiny bit more in depth in one of those points - happiness - and share some tips for staying happy. For many, happiness is a fleeting feeling,

Being in the graphic design industry, I love creative business card ideas! Who would have thought that one little card could say so much about a business or person? But the truth is, there are just so many beautiful ways for us to express ourselves, and and I thought I'd

Hand lettering. Somehow, there is nothing quite so beautiful or romantic as hand lettering. Each swash, marking and the personal writing style that comes out of every individual's hand simply mesmerizes me. It's like our own individual mark. Sort of like fingerprints. So I thought I would spread some of the

I just have a thing for rugs at the moment, especially colourful ones! Whether old or new there is nothing like a beautifully patterned and coloured rug in your home. But why not use them for your wedding? They are striking and beautiful, and really add something to the styling

I’m really excited to share some more of our new designs with you! At the moment I am just loving everything vintage and old, and can't get enough of vintage botanicals. So I've fueled all this inspiration to make these Pretty Protea Wedding Invitations. These Pretty Protea Wedding Invitations feature a

  A Simple Guide to Goal Setting I thought it would be useful to talk about a simple guide to goal setting, since I mentioned goal setting not so long ago last month in our Tips for Getting Organized segment. Many people seem to drift through life, working hard but not really

I love Christmas and get excited at the thought of choosing gifts, gift-wrapping and especially Christmas table setting ideas. It’s great fun to plan ahead and work out exactly how you will set your table for friends and family and these Christmas table setting ideas can be used for any of

You can almost smell the lush roses on our Ruby Red Invitations. Captured on high quality thick, textured art paper, the Ruby Red Invitation roses are complemented by more floral elements and, like the delicious centre in a box of chocolates, feature hand written calligraphy. These Ruby Red Invitations are elegant,

Yikes sorry this is late folks! Since when is it November already?! I hope you enjoy this free pineapple wallpaper with bright geometric colours to brighten up your office space. Simply click here to download it and enjoy! Made with love by Sail and Swan especially for you! By the way, like

Your baby’s nursery is a special place, a combination of sanctuary and safe haven and a fun place which shows off your newborn’s individuality, so we can’t think of a better way to celebrate your unique new family member than with a feature custom print as part of your little

Happy October! Here is this month's Desktop Background for you to enjoy! I have titled it 'Create Something New Everyday' as I hope it inspires you to be creative and that it brightens up your office space too. Simply click here to download it for free! Need some more help feeling

We’ve added some glitter to our newest invitation designs called ‘Triangles’ – because, let’s face it, who can resist sparkles – glitter makes you happy just to look at it! These glitter invitations are too pretty to resist! The design features triangles in a pretty array of peach, grey, gold and

It is SPRING ahhh!!!!! Happy Spring everyone! Here is September's spring desktop background for you to enjoy! It features our cute picnic hare on his way to a picnic with his friends. Simply click here to download it for free and instantly brighten up your office space or home. You may have

I'm excited to share some recent illustration work with you that I did for the Pipsqueak Market promoting their upcoming event, Market at the Movies! As always the illustration brief was incredibly creative and featured the chipmunk family of 'Pipsqueaks' out and about at the movies in a bright flurry

To all you Brides-to-Be out there I just wanted to remind you that the Bay Bridal Fair is only two weeks away! Come along on August 16th from 10am - 4pm at the Endeavour Homes Pavilion at the Morphettville Racecourse! There will plenty to see with fashion shows, food and lots

Happy August everyone! I hope you enjoy this month's free wallpaper and stay WARM!!! Simply click the here to download and enjoy! In others news, lots has been happening around here but I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. Try as I might I wasn't able to dodge this year's rounds

Thanks so much One Fab Day for featuring our lovely Sail and Swan Tea Towels! One Fab Day is an online magazine, blog and resource, aiming to help brides, grooms and wedding guests navigate their way through the production of a wedding. They can be summed up in two words:

Today I am sending out a HUGE thank you to Mid North Coast Weddings Magazine for featuring Sail and Swan in their current issue!! I am incredibly excited and humbled to be part of such a stunningly beautiful magazine! With gorgeous photos and inspiration, each page is absolute eye candy.

So much has been happening around here lately and I don't think I've had the chance to post about our Logo Designs in a while. Branding is one of the most important steps when you first start a business, and I am passionate about working with business owners to create

So much is happening around here and I just wanted to share some of our new vintage floral wedding invitations with you! This suite, called 'Clover', features a mixture of gorgeous vintage flowers and botanicals. Pink, peach, green and white roses, soft petals and clovers are beautifully balanced with a

Woohoo I super excited to announce that I have released some new and original paintings for sale!! I decided to extend my Flourish Series and create a few more artworks in this range. They feature different animals (horses, an elephant and deer) in gorgeous bright colours and metallic gold. Below

Here is our May Rabbit Wallpaper for you to enjoy! It features our ever adorable Explorer Rabbit, sailing the skies in his hot air balloon. I hope this cute fellow will brighten up your office space as well as your day :) Simply click the link to download and enjoy! As an

Ladies, get ready for the Chateau Tanunda Wedding Open Day this April! Come along to see their gorgeous wedding venue, set in the Barossa Valley. Vineyards, a gorgeous garden and the beautiful old building make for a lovely wedding location! There will also be a selection of beautiful suppliers and

Woohoo I am super excited because Love Cherish Adore is here again! Get ready ladies because this April and May we have a gorgeous and vintage(!) wedding fair that I'm sure you will love :) Sail and Swan will be there among many other great businesses and product on the

I'm still working on some new card designs and thought I would gather some Autumn illustration inspiration! Autumn colours are so pretty, and I felt inspired by this quote that I came across: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus So I hope you enjoy these

Happy Autumn everyone! I have to admit that I am a bit sad to be waving goodbye to summer but I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted. Nevertheless Autumn is a beautiful season filled with crunchy leaves, hot cross buns, warm sunny days and rainy days too. It's time to

Sail and Swan now offer custom nursery art! I'm super excited because although these prints are just the start of our new line, I'm already in love with these cute as a button designs! Featuring adorable animals in a variety of colour choices, you just can't go wrong with these

Happy February everyone! Here is a cute deer desktop background to brighten up your office! Simply click the link to download and enjoy. Seriously, where does all the time go? One minute it was Christmas and all of a sudden Valentine's Day is around the corner! I am busy working

I haven't posted about wedding inspiration quite a while, so I thought I'd put together some Rustic Wedding Ideas! Planning for a wedding can get overwhelming really quickly; the to-do list seems to expand overnight, people can have a lot of opinions of what your wedding should be, and there

2015 has been off to a great start with my favourite Adelaide Bridal Fair at the Glen Ewin Estate last weekend! Thank you to all the lovely brides I met on the day as well as some lovely other business owners. I had a fabulous day! Below are some quick

Happy 2015 everyone! I have been away on holidays over Christmas and there's so much to catch up on. Thanks to everyone who was at the Glen Ewin Bridal Fair over the weekend - I will be sharing more about this soon! For now I thought I'd share some photos

Get ready ladies! The Glen Ewin Estate Bridal Fair is coming up in January 2015! It runs from 11am-4pm on Sunday January 11th and there will be lots to see and do! Activities include tours with Luke Simon Photography and fashion shows by Caleche Bridal House. There will also be

I just wanted to share a fantastic blog that I found this week. I came across this amazing portfolio by illustration artist Dan Orr of Dan Orr Creative. Dan learnt how to draw by copying his favourite cartoon characters as a child, and later went on to study Advertising and

I can't believe it has been a month already! I say this often but where all my time goes I just don't know. I'm still working on new product and designs, but am also so busy with current orders that it's happening slowly but surely behind the scenes. Having said

I just wanted to share some more photos of my Rustic Romance Invitations with you. These Vintage Wedding Invitations are a new collection of mine that I introduced to my range recently and I now have them up on my website here. They feature some lovely subtle vintage touches with the

Happy Spring! Even though it's still a bit frosty we're starting to get some lovely sunshine and warm days coming through. To celebrate here is a free Spring Desktop Background for you to enjoy! It features one of my original illustrations and will hopefully brighten your work area - and

Feeling a bit over the cold winter weather? I'm super excited to show you the result of a recent Winter Wedding collaboration shoot, in which I was lucky enough to feature my new rustic winter wedding invitations! These winter wedding invitations feature rustic fonts such as this loose calligraphy font as

These charming Chalkboard Wedding Invitations by Sail and Swan are sure to set the tone for your wedding day! They are a perfect match for a vintage, rustic, farm or garden themed wedding. They feature vintage fonts and lettering, along with charming  borders and flourishes that make for a truly

Yep that's right! I have another Free Wallpaper for you to download and enjoy for the month of August :) This one is based on my original illustration titled 'You Sculpt' and features some lovely blue and neutral tones. Simply click the link to download and enjoy this pretty design

Welcome July! I hope you enjoy this month's free desktop background and all of its little characters. Hopefully they will keep you company while you work :) Simply click here to download it and enjoy! On a side note I am about to have some time off work for the next

What could be more fun than First Birthday Invitations? In a recent collaboration with Lucinda May Photography and Bella in Bloom, we partnered up for a super cute 1st Birthday Cake Smash. This Boy's Birthday Invitation set features a sweet but simple confetti design, with a bright orange, blue, yellow

Happy June everyone! This Free Desktop Background is a great way to say goodbye to last month and celebrate the start of a new month (and a new season, in case you haven't felt how cold it is - hello winter!). June definitely marks a different time of year..things start

Get ready Brides! Love Cherish Adore is coming to the Adelaide Hills this August for another stunning and inspirational Fair! This vintage wedding expo is exactly what you need if you're planning a wedding or a special event. Featuring boutique, unique and handpicked local vendors you will leave with some

Haaapppy May everyone! As usual to celebrate the new month I am spreading some Sail and Swan love your way with a Free Wallpaper! I hope you like this month's watercolour flamingos! This pattern was painted with some Autumn inspired colours, although I have to admit it is feeling like Winter

Hi everyone! I am having a massive sale at That Dapper Market tomorrow from 3pm-9pm! All my Prints and Cards will be on sale so don't miss out, I'd love to see you there! I will also be showcasing some of my brand new art prints which I'm very excited about! Details

Bridgette Hall is a freelance illustrator from Boise, ID. Some of you may recognize Bridgette's work from her online shop, Confetti Love on Etsy. She is inspired by traveling, the world and finding new places. Her illustrations of cityscapes are both beautiful and inspiring and I was lucky enough to

As you may have noticed I've been working on a new series of paintings lately. I've moved away slightly from my usual style of scribbly drawings to this lovely hand painted look, and I've been SUPER excited to tell you more about the project! So, what has inspired all of this? Well

How lovely are these ink paintings that I came across? I have been in a huge painting mood lately and am loving my inks and watercolours..hopefully all this inspiration will give me even more ideas for future artworks, illustration projects and maybe even some wedding invitations! Below is: Indigo Rock - 11,

Woohoo here comes February's lovely Flower Desktop Background :) How the months seem to fly! It's a good thing I put calendars on my desktop backgrounds because otherwise I would totally lose track of time! I hope you enjoy this month's edition and who doesn't love a free desktop background

That's right! The Glen Ewin Estate Bridal Fair is almost here! See below for more details of what promises to be an exciting day. The Fair includes free tastings, music, fashion shows and plenty of amazing product. This will also be a first for Sail and Swan to be a

Happy December! Here is December's Free Desktop Background from Sail and Swan! Simply click the link, download and enjoy! Hopefully it puts you in the Christmas spirit. For those of you who don't know, every month I send out some Sail and Swan love in the form of a Free Desktop

Exciting news! I'm going to be part of this year's Tafe Arts Bazaar! Come along for a fun day, beautiful product and competitions! Some of my product at the market will include: Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Doily Bowls and my favourite 'Hedgehog' Book Sculptures! Here are some details: Friday December 6th 1.00 - 8.00pm at

Welcome to Sail and Swan – a creative business specializing in Design and Illustration.  Run by Lauren Downton, Sail and Swan offers services in Illustration and Design - ranging from logo design and branding, to custom wedding stationery and illustration for commercial projects. On this site you will be able to

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