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6 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Here are 6 super helpful tips for wedding dress shopping. These tips will help you to be more organized and will also help you to make the most of your appointments and enjoy yourself in the process of wedding dress shopping.


Don’t make too many appointments in one day.

Trying to fit too many appointments into one day will make you feel rushed and pushed to make sound decisions. Too many appointments will make for an exhausting day that feels more like tedious tasks than anything enjoyable. By spreading out your appointments you’ll have more time to consider the options that you’re looking at, talking to the staff, thinking about important questions etc. By giving yourself some more time and space, you will also probably enjoy yourself a whole lot more!


Book fun things around your appointments.

Why not go out for coffee with your mum beforehand? Or go out to lunch with your girl friends after the appointment. This will make the day fun and relaxed, and will also keep you recharged with plenty of food. It is also a good way of debriefing, sharing your ideas and gathering thoughts about what questions you need to ask. Don’t forgot to bring a drink bottle with you too to keep yourself replenished! Some wedding dress boutiques will offer you refreshments, but not all!


Consider your body shape and what style of dress will suit you best.

A lot of women fall into the trap of seeing an amazing dress in a movie or magazine and decide this is going to be ‘the dress’. As you try dresses on in the bridal store, you may find that unfortunately not all styles will suit your figure and you could be in for some disappointment. You may really want something that is currently on trend, but finding something that brings out your best features will be a better decision in the long run. Consider what features you would like to emphasize, and what features you would like to hide or minimize.

tips for wedding dress shopping sail and swan

You might not find ‘the one’ right away.

It’s ok! You might not find the perfect dress right away. Don’t stress, and don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. You’ll find the right one but it might take some time. This where giving yourself plenty of time ahead of your wedding date, and planning well will really come in handy so that you’re not under a tight deadline or time pressure.


Don’t take too many people with you.

Seriously. I know it seems like a good idea to have your whole family or bridal party there, but every single person is going to have a different opinion, and trust me 10 different opinions aren’t helpful! I’d recommend only taking one or 2 people with you. Pick someone who will tell you what they’re really thinking, and whose judgment you trust.


Allow enough time.

To save yourself a whole lot of stress, I’d recommend that you start searching for a wedding dress right away. In some cases, there are dresses you can buy ‘off the rack’ or you can pay extra for a rush order. If you are getting one made then check how long you need to allow. In general most wedding dresses take 4-6 months to make, and 2 months for alterations.  It never hurts to have more time up your sleeve though!


tips for wedding dress shopping sail and swan


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