February 2017

Why buy local? It's a good question, especially because everything overseas seems to be so cheap. I know that's hard for me to resist a good bargain when I see one, whether it's local or not. Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient so why bother to seek out local

So I listened to this really great interview between Bob Goff and Kelsey Humphreys, founder of the Pursuit, which you see here. Bob has a lot of life experience to share with the world, but for me, a theme of simplicity seemed to come across from what he was saying and

I am SO excited to share this with you. Our little team at Sail and Swan have been working away to create something new, exciting and helpful for you! Behold our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide. This Printable Wedding Organiser was made just for you; the dreamer, the planner and soon

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